My name is Muhammad Ameen, and I'm from Singapore. I joined 14DAYPILOT early November 2022. I’ve been flying in different flight schools. I would say that being a pilot in only 14 days is quite intense & challenging. I flew for about 7 hours a day with my CFI here. I had my first solo on the 6th day. My solo was amazing in such a beautiful shinny day. I struggled a lot with radio communication and my cross country flight but my CFI were always there to help me out and make things easier. All the CFIs in 14DAYPILOT always provide you a good set of skill & knowledge that is highly important to pass your check ride. If you want to be a pilot, without any compromise in safety & quality, 14DAYPILOT is your solution!

I am Reginald, I came from Philippines but currently living in USA. I choose to convert my Commercial Pilot License from ICAO to FAA with 14DAYPILOT in their accelerated 5 days program. The training here is tough & challenging, because Los Angeles has the busiest airports. But thanks to all of the instructors who help me polish everything to develop my skill, and guide me to pass my check ride. For everyone who wants to convert their license, just make a call to the 14DAYPILOT team, because they helped me out through every steps of the way!

I joined the Airline Pilot Academy (APA) program which helped me so much to transition from flying the propeller aircraft to flying a jet aircraft. I gained so much knowledge including the ATPL theory and jet procedures. Now I have passed all the interview with Lion Air and will soon begin training in the Boeing 737. This program really help me prepare and ace the interview with Lion Air.

My name is Farandi Angesti, I am 18 Years old and I am a student from Indonesia. 14DAYPILOT help me to get all my Rating. Now I am a commercial pilot, when I got my commercial pilot and I was really emotional that tears came out from my eyes because it really changed my life.

I am Richard Pelafoe from Indonesia, today 22nd April 2018, I passed my Instrument Rating Check ride in Camarillo, California with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy with their 10-day Instrument Rating Accelerated Flight Training Program. I joined the Airline Pilot Integrated Training (APIT) Program which is the 110 Day program to get my Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi Engine Rating.

My name is Farandi Angesti, I am a student from Indonesia and I join the Airline Pilot Integrated Training (APIT) program. I come from a small town in Indonesia and I started my flight study from 0 without know anything with very limited English skills but I able to achieve all my pilot ratings in a short amount of time. I took a lot of hard work and willingness to achieve my goal.

I really recommend 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy because it has great instructor and mentor. For example, some people said that FAA Check ride is the hardest in the world but with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, I did it with success. Learning in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy Is not like a Flight learning program, it is like Life Learning, I got good training experiences, like we always do some celebration, like we eat together, hang around together and study.

I had really enjoyed working with everybody in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy and I can’t recommend highly enough and if you are even curious about Intensive Flight Training is like, I suggest you to get in touch with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy and ask them all your questions. Accelerated flight training is the best way to go for me when you are looking to get your pilot’s license.

I am Farandi Angesti from Indonesia, today 22nd April 2018, I passed my Instrument Rating Check ride in Camarillo, California with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy with their 10-day Instrument Rating Accelerated Flight Training Program. I joined the Airline Pilot Integrated Training (APIT) Program which is the 110 Day program to get my Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi Engine Rating.

Hi my name is Pawan Nandwani, I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. One a day to day basis I work with my family business. My passion has always been to fly, it is a child hood dream of mine. I joined 14DAYPILOT when I found about it online, and met with Capt Gema.

I really enjoyed my time with 14DAYPILOT and learned so much from my instructor during the course. They were very patient and proactive in helping me get my IR on the 10th day. I totally recommend anyone who wants to get their pilot licenses, and in a short period of time.

My name is Dimas Abyan Tamir, I am 17 years old from Indonesia and I am a private pilot. I joined the program call 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy. Like the program say, you can get the pilot certificate in 14 days, it may impossible get the pilot certificate in 14 day, but it possible in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy. Hard work is required, determination and you have to commit with what you want, in this case to become a pilot.

My name is Reginald Roldan, I was a flight instructor in the Philippines and joined 14DAYPILOT to get my license converted to FAA. 14DAYPILOT really helped me solve all my problems and get my FAA license. With 14DAYPILOT, they helped me overcome all my problems and supported me to become a better pilot. It was not an easy road, but 14DAYPILOT helped me get through everything smoothly. For anyone who is looking to convert your license, I recommend you do it with 14DAYPILOT, they will get you done!

In the past, I did do PPL course in other school 5 years ago but I wasn’t able to finish the process. So now 14DAYPILOT has been helping me along with training. This is an intensive course, you should clear up your schedule because not being focused during this journey is going to waste your time. I did face a lot fully tired days and they arranged the schedule that was suitable for me. 14DAYPILOT has been supporting me with my crazy schedule to make sure that I get to my checkride. It was a tough journey but it got me where I’m today.

I am an Australian living currently in Thailand. I have my PPL from back in '97. I bought N-registered aircraft therefore i need FAA Instrument rating. I chose to do it with 14DAYPILOT and really glad i did. Flying in US is 1000 times better than flying anywhere else in the world, I've flown in 2/3 of countries in the worl and by far flying in US is both easier and more convenient

I am enrolled in Cross Country Navigation Training to remove my Singaporean PPL restriction. My experience has been very good. Van Nuys is very conducive. Weather is good most of the time. There are many other airports to train at. The traffic is heavier here and that taught me more about traffic avoidance.

I heard about 14DAYPILOT from Seletar flight club in Singapore. I chose 14DAYPILOT program to remove my Singaporean Private Pilot Restriction. As an Air Traffic Controller in Singapore, flying in Van Nuys has broaden my horizon. There is a fair share of jet and prop traffic with different traffic handling than in Singapore. Come fly here in great airports,with great instructors, Air traffic controllers,and great program!

I am 48 year old Italian Head Chief of Prison Police. I chose 14DAYPILOT because of all the professionalism and competence of the kind instructor. We had to wake up at 5 am well prepared. I think with the right motivation and commitment, supported by 14DAYPILOT instructors, my experience had been wonderful. I was guided step by step during my rough time. Overall I recommend 14DAYPILOT training approach very much.

I came across 14 DAYPILOT and the communication has been transparent and very responsive ever since. Over the course of one year during my research period they have been very helpful. When i finally started my training, POES exceeded my expectation as i thought i knew most of oral exam topics. After i finished POES period, i went home with better knowledge of actually presenting my knowledge to the examiner.

Ever since i was a kid, i've always wanted to become a pilot. With 14DAYPILOT I learnt all the basics I needed to know to be able to fly an airplane. The instructors are nice and friendly.I really enjoyed studying here. See you in the blue skies!

I am an Indonesian Commercial Pilot rated in King Air 350 and Hawker 900 converting my ICAO license and eventually getting FAA ME Commercial. In 14DAYPILOT program, I had to be well prepared with the topic before I got to the class so I'd need to enforce self-study habit. Once I started the flight portion, i flew for 3-4 hours a day, followed by another ground session for the oral prep. That was a very distinctive experience compared to my previous training in Indonesia."

I am Verlyn Yang, today 4th August 2017, I passed my Instrument Rating Check ride in Van Nuys, California with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy with their 10-day Instrument Rating Accelerated Flight Training Program. I am a doctor and private pilot living in Australia. Prior to joining 14DAYPILOT I have already taken my Private Pilot Licens e (PPL) in Australia.

My name is Richard Efraim Pelafoe, I am 18 years old from Indonesia. Commercial Pilot Training is challenging because I have to do some new maneuvers that I never did in Private Pilot (PPL) stage like lazy eight and chandelles.