I joined the Airline Pilot Academy (APA) program which helped me so much to transition from flying the propeller aircraft to flying a jet aircraft. I gained so much knowledge including the ATPL theory and jet procedures. Now I have passed all the interview with Lion Air and will soon begin training in the Boeing 737. This program really help me prepare and ace the interview with Lion Air.

My name is Farandi Angesti, I am a student from Indonesia and I join the Airline Pilot Integrated Training (APIT) program. I come from a small town in Indonesia and I started my flight study from 0 without know anything with very limited English skills but I able to achieve all my pilot ratings in a short amount of time. I took a lot of hard work and willingness to achieve my goal.

I really recommend 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy because it has great instructor and mentor. For example, some people said that FAA Check ride is the hardest in the world but with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, I did it with success. Learning in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy Is not like a Flight learning program, it is like Life Learning, I got good training experiences, like we always do some celebration, like we eat together, hang around together and study.

Hi my name is Pawan Nandwani, I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. One a day to day basis I work with my family business. My passion has always been to fly, it is a child hood dream of mine. I joined 14DAYPILOT when I found about it online, and met with Capt Gema.

My name is Dimas Abyan Tamir, I am 17 years old from Indonesia and I am a private pilot. I joined the program call 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy. Like the program say, you can get the pilot certificate in 14 days, it may impossible get the pilot certificate in 14 day, but it possible in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy. Hard work is required, determination and you have to commit with what you want, in this case to become a pilot.