My name is Muhammad Ameen, and I'm from Singapore. I joined 14DAYPILOT early November 2022. I’ve been flying in different flight schools. I would say that being a pilot in only 14 days is quite intense & challenging. I flew for about 7 hours a day with my CFI here. I had my first solo on the 6th day. My solo was amazing in such a beautiful shinny day. I struggled a lot with radio communication and my cross country flight but my CFI were always there to help me out and make things easier. All the CFIs in 14DAYPILOT always provide you a good set of skill & knowledge that is highly important to pass your check ride. If you want to be a pilot, without any compromise in safety & quality, 14DAYPILOT is your solution!

I am Reginald, I came from Philippines but currently living in USA. I choose to convert my Commercial Pilot License from ICAO to FAA with 14DAYPILOT in their accelerated 5 days program. The training here is tough & challenging, because Los Angeles has the busiest airports. But thanks to all of the instructors who help me polish everything to develop my skill, and guide me to pass my check ride. For everyone who wants to convert their license, just make a call to the 14DAYPILOT team, because they helped me out through every steps of the way!

I had really enjoyed working with everybody in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy and I can’t recommend highly enough and if you are even curious about Intensive Flight Training is like, I suggest you to get in touch with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy and ask them all your questions. Accelerated flight training is the best way to go for me when you are looking to get your pilot’s license.

I really enjoyed my time with 14DAYPILOT and learned so much from my instructor during the course. They were very patient and proactive in helping me get my IR on the 10th day. I totally recommend anyone who wants to get their pilot licenses, and in a short period of time.

My name is Reginald Roldan, I was a flight instructor in the Philippines and joined 14DAYPILOT to get my license converted to FAA. 14DAYPILOT really helped me solve all my problems and get my FAA license. With 14DAYPILOT, they helped me overcome all my problems and supported me to become a better pilot. It was not an easy road, but 14DAYPILOT helped me get through everything smoothly. For anyone who is looking to convert your license, I recommend you do it with 14DAYPILOT, they will get you done!