I had really enjoyed working with everybody in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy and I can’t recommend highly enough and if you are even curious about Intensive Flight Training is like, I suggest you to get in touch with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy and ask them all your questions. Accelerated flight training is the best way to go for me when you are looking to get your pilot’s license.

I am an Australian living currently in Thailand. I have my PPL from back in '97. I bought N-registered aircraft therefore i need FAA Instrument rating. I chose to do it with 14DAYPILOT and really glad i did. Flying in US is 1000 times better than flying anywhere else in the world, I've flown in 2/3 of countries in the worl and by far flying in US is both easier and more convenient

I am enrolled in Cross Country Navigation Training to remove my Singaporean PPL restriction. My experience has been very good. Van Nuys is very conducive. Weather is good most of the time. There are many other airports to train at. The traffic is heavier here and that taught me more about traffic avoidance.

I heard about 14DAYPILOT from Seletar flight club in Singapore. I chose 14DAYPILOT program to remove my Singaporean Private Pilot Restriction. As an Air Traffic Controller in Singapore, flying in Van Nuys has broaden my horizon. There is a fair share of jet and prop traffic with different traffic handling than in Singapore. Come fly here in great airports,with great instructors, Air traffic controllers,and great program!

I am 48 year old Italian Head Chief of Prison Police. I chose 14DAYPILOT because of all the professionalism and competence of the kind instructor. We had to wake up at 5 am well prepared. I think with the right motivation and commitment, supported by 14DAYPILOT instructors, my experience had been wonderful. I was guided step by step during my rough time. Overall I recommend 14DAYPILOT training approach very much.