I am Verlyn Yang, today 4th August 2017, I passed my Instrument Rating Checkride in Van Nuys, California with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy with their 10 day Instrument Rating Accelerated Flight Training Program.  I am a doctor and private pilot living in Australia.  Prior to joining 14DAYPILOT I have already taken my Private Pilot License (PPL) in Australia.  I also own my own Beechcraft Bonanza which I use to fly around Australia during my leisure time.  For me, flying is like a virus and once you get infected you will never stop enjoying it.

The reason I chose to take the Instrument Rating course is because I would like to be a more proficient and safer pilot.  Being an instrument rated pilot has taught me how to read the instruments better and to fly IFR.  I was able to complete the course because of my commitment, desire, and because I really wanted it.  The ground was not that tough for me, so I was able to get through it pretty easily.

Once of the challenges I faced was probably trying to complete 40 hours of flight time, in 10 days.  I averaged flying 4-5 hours daily everyday, for some people that may be tiring.  The simulator in the beginning needed some getting use to as well, but once I got the hang of it everything went well.  Once I was used to flying instruments, it just felt like second nature for me.

I really enjoyed my time with 14DAYPILOT and learned so much from my instructor during the course.  They were very patient and proactive in helping me get my IR on the 10th day.  I totally recommend anyone who wants to get their pilot licenses, and in a short period of time.  14DAYPILOT is guaranteed to help you conquer any obstacles during training and ensure the best training experience.  Some people might say its not possible, but if you put your hard work, commitment, and desire into it you can achieve it.