Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI) allows a pilot to train students in Single Engine Aircraft Only and the holder has the responsibility to let the FAA know that an individual is able to meet the requirements to get a pilot license, and let that individual take the required tests. We offer 14 day accelerated flight training for pilots who aim to teach / instruct student pilots.


To be eligible to join the 10 Day Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI) Program these are the following requirements:

In order to be eligible to start the CFI / CFII / MEI program you must be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate, minimum 3rd class. The medical test can be done either in Indonesia or in USA. The FAA medical certificate is one of the required documents for flight.

At 14DAYPILOT, we have very high standards set to ensure quality of our students. The FAA allows minimum of 70% to pass the written exam but we require a minimum of 80% passing grade before flight training can begin

The minimum license requirement to start the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) course is the Commercial Pilot Certificate (CPL License). It may include single / multi engine rating depending on which CFI course you wish to start.

Every student that is not a US citizen looking to train in the USA will be required to get Transport Security Administration (TSA) approval to start training. Once approval is granted then they can start training. Foreign student will require to present their VISA to apply the flight training permit to TSA. We recommend USA B1/B2 Visa since it is now accepted by USA homeland security as flight traning activity.

Being able to understand, read and speak the English language is a mandatory requirement of enrollment. Every lesson, class and learning process will be done in English. Prior to entrance there will be an English exam to check proficiency