Accelerated Flight Training


The Multi-Engine Rating gives you the opportunity to fly an airplane with more than one engine and it is essential for those who plan to pursue a career as an Airline Pilot. In 14DAYPILOT we will help you quickly master controlling the complex multi engine aircraft to prepare you for the next level in your aviation career.



To be eligible to join the 5 Day Multi Engine Rating Program there are the following requirements:

The minimum requirement to start the Multi Engine Rating add on is to possess at least a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate. Foreign based licenses (non FAA) can be converted with the help of 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy to FAA license. FAA license holders with Private and/or Commercial Pilot License are welcome.

In order to be eligible to start the Multi Engine Rating program you must be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate, minimum 3rd class. The medical test can be done either in Indonesia or in USA. The FAA medical certificate is one of the required documents for flight./p>

Every student that is not a US citizen looking to train in the USA will be required to get Transport Security Administration (TSA) approval to start training. Once approval is granted then they can start training. Foreign student will require to present their VISA to apply the flight training permit to TSA. We recommend USA B1/B2 Visa since it is now accepted by USA homeland security as flight traning activity.

Being able to understand, read and speak the English language is a mandatory requirement of enrollment. Every lesson, class and learning process will be done in English. Prior to entrance there will be an English exam to check proficiency



For the Multi Engine Training you will be flying a beautiful twin engine airplane like the one featured below