Hi my name is Kevin Ferial and I graduated from a Canadian university and continued with my flight training in Toronto, Canada.  Right now I hold a Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi Engine Ratings (CPL / IR ME) and returned to Indonesia to do my license endorsement to Indonesian license. 

After that while looking for my first aviation airline job I joined the Airline Pilot Academy (APA) program which helped me so much especially with jet flying.  I first heard of 14DAYPILOT when I was in Canada, and when I reach Indonesia I contacted Capt Gema and came to the office to ask him for help to get a job in the airlines.  The course really help me to transition from flying the propeller aircraft to flying a jet aircraft.  I gained so much knowledge including the ATPL theory and jet procedures.

Now I have passed all the interview with Lion Air and will soon begin training in the Boeing 737.  This program really help me prepare and ace the interview with Lion Air.  I really recommend this program to anyone who is preparing for their airline interview.  14DAYPILOT will prepare you well and make you ready for the airline interview.

Thank you so much 14DAYPILOT for making me pass all the tests to get the job and giving me so much new knowledge to make me a better pilot.