Airline Pilot Academy (APA)

Fast Track Your Pathway To Become An Airline Pilot

APA will take you from zero to Commercial Pilot in 110 days or less. It is the fastest commercial pilot training program in the world, includes the Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot License with Multi Engine ratings (CPL ME IR).By special designed course after the initial Commercial Multi Engine License stage, we make you one step ahead of your competition. You will be ready for the airline interview and simulator check by the time you finish the Airline Pilot Academy program.

We guarantee that you will get your own plane with your own senior instructor and fly anytime you want from Monday to Sunday without any time off except for a medical reason.



To be eligible to join the 110 Day Airline Pilot Academy (APA) program there are the following requirements:

In order to be eligible to start the APA program you must be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate, minimum 3rd class. The medical test can be done either in Indonesia or in USA

At 14DAYPILOT we have very high standards set to ensure quality of our students. The FAA allows minimum of 70% to pass the written exam but we require a minimum of 80% passing grade before flight training can begin

Prior to starting the 110 Day Airline Pilot Academy (APA) program each student is required to join and pass the entrance exam. The entrance exam includes a series of tests and final interview to examine the student’s eligibility to join our program.

Every student that is not a US citizen looking to train in the USA will be required to get Transport Security Administration (TSA) approval to start training. Once approval is granted then they can start training. Foreign student will require to present their VISA to apply the flight training permit to TSA. We recommend USA B1/B2 Visa since it is now accepted by USA homeland security as flight training activity.

The minimum age to get a Commercial Pilot Certificate (CPL) certificate is 18 years old on the check ride day. Students may enroll before the age of 18, as long as he/she is 18 years old on the check ride day. There is no maximum age requirement.

Being able to understand, read and speak the English language is a mandatory requirement of enrollment. Every lesson, class and learning process will be done in English. Prior to entrance there will be an English exam to check proficiency.


Below we have provided some photos of the student experience at 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy

For any student pursuing a career in aviation, one of the most memorable experiences that most people would answer would be during flight training. At 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy we truly understand the importance of ensuring that our students have the best experience of a lifetime during training.




14DAYPILOT Flight Academy has graduates and students from all over the world. To accommodate with international standards, we help our students with TSA and VISA processing. As TSA provider, we are given authority to grant approval for flight training.

Why to choose us

VISA Processing

For international / foreign students looking to start training in United States they must first be eligible to get a US Visa. A US VISA can be obtained by applying online and conducting an interview at the local US embassy in your country. Our team of professionals are ready to assist in completing the VISA process once enrolled.

Why to choose us

Official TSA Provider

14DAYPILOT Flight Academy has been listed as the only TSA Provider in Asia area. Each foreign student enrolled will have to apply for TSA approval before starting training. After approval is granted then they will have to get fingerprinted later in the US. For more information on steps and procedures to get TSA approval you can contact us.

Why to choose us

Fingerprint Instructions

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires all foreign pilots who are coming to the United States for initial training to submit fingerprints along with a TSA application. 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy can provide assistance and access to certified fingerprint collectors. Students will get their fingerprints collected the first day after arriving in the US.


14DAYPILOT Flight Academy’s Airline Pilot Academy (APA) provides a path for exceptional pilot who have the desire to work as a commercial airliner for their aviation careers. Becoming a professional pilot working for an airline takes more than just obtaining a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). If you are only looking to get your license and certified to fly a commercial jet then the APA program is perfect for you.

At 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy we do not only prepare our students to pass the check ride but we need to provide assurance that once graduated they will be qualified to take up real world flying and have the opportunity to fly over 200 passengers safely to their destination. From day 1 of training we train our students to the high standards of strong professionalism culture, teamwork and success. With high standards set, 14DAYPILOT students will know how it feels like working in an airline and the standards that are expected by the airlines.

Program Highlights