My name is Richard Efraim Pelafoe, I am 18 years old from Indonesia. I got my FAA Commercial Pilot License in only 120 days, and I think it is the fastest in the world to get the license. I started my training in 31 Januari 2018. Now I am officially a commercial pilot and I did it in 100 plus day.

Every moment with 14DAYPILOT was unforgettable moments, such as when my parent came to see my first solo, did my first checkride, and when I could not handle the airplane good for the first time. I had to hard work to get all my rating, I had to study every day for my oral, I slept at 2 am and woke up at 6 am then I started training again but it was very enjoyable and fun. My instructors always gave me support when I felt I could not do my check ride and my maneuvers. They was always said I can make it, and build my confidence. I passed all my rating with hard work, after fly I always reviewed with my instructor, we found the wrong thing I had done together, it made me better than before.

I really recommend you to join 14DAYPILOT if you looking for the flight academy, because with the help of expertise here, you will be trained to become a safe and proficient pilot. Join 14DAYPILOT is the best way for me to do my flight train, and I always enjoyed for all my process. See the 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy Instagram, and find the official channel you tube if you want to know more about 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy.