Hi my name is Pawan Nandwani, I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.  One a day to day basis I work with my family business.  My passion has always been to fly, it is a child hood dream of mine.  I joined 14DAYPILOT when I found about it online, and met with Capt Gema.  I started my private pilot journey on May 2017 and I first started flying in the US early May.  It was a very hectic period, I was at class starting 8 AM and it would be a 12-hour day.  I was flying 4 hours a day with breaks in between, with ground school which took about two weeks.  It was a good journey and I passed with my certificate, and the happiest moment for me was the day I got my certificate.

There was so many story in my private pilot journey, but I tried to enjoy my time and realize that this is serious work, has a lot of hard work, I need to really allocated time, a lot of focus and energy. The highlight of my journey was, when I fly alone, I realize that I off the ground, I had alone in small cabin, every little wrong I did, will end my life, but now I comfortable fly alone.

14DAYPILOT a lot help me to relieve my stressful and so I made it. My next step I will take the instrument training probably, because there a lot of limitation fly without Instrument Rating. I suggest to you who want to get the pilot training join 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy and enjoy your time training.