The Dramatic Journey of Athira’s Instrument Rating Course

Checkride Preparation | Admin | November 13, 2019

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”, a commonly heard phrase that I am sure all of you are familiar with describes the Athira’s journey towards the completion of her Instrument Rating course perfectly. I am sure you are all wondering “Who is Athira?”, and “Why does that phrase describe her journey perfectly?”. Well, you’re about to find out!

Jiva Ananthan Solo Flight

Checkride Preparation | Admin | May 24, 2019

Mr. Jiva Ananthan, our student from Singapore, is a nurse by profession but, has always dreamed of becoming a pilot ever since he was a young boy. Mr. Jiva is currently undergoing his Airline Pilot Integrated Training (APIT) Program with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy. Mr. Jiva has done a course of intensive training in Indonesia along with his Pass Oral Exam System (POES). The APIT program was designed to train pilots for an airline career, in which Mr. Jiva will be obtaining a Commercial Pilot License with Multi Engine Rating and 265 hours of flight time at the end of his training.


Checkride Preparation | Admin | August 02, 2018

Loss of control in flight continues to be the leading cause of fatal general aviation accidents in the United States and commercial aviation worldwide. With the release of the Private Pilot – Airplane ACS in June 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revised the slow flight evaluation standard to reflect maneuvering without a stall warning (e.g., aircraft buffet, stall horn, etc.). The FAA explained this change in SAFO 16010 as one approach to addressing loss of control in flight accidents in general aviation.

The “Inner Engine” For Your Safety Flight

Checkride Preparation | Admin | August 02, 2018

It’s not how advanced your flight instrument is, size of your airplane, jet or propeller, but the “inner engine” if the very important tools to determine aviation safety. In the past decades, we know that 98% accidents were caused by the human error. There is very complex variable on the human factor which could lead a beautiful and fun flight to a disaster. I have learnt great stuffs that could shape us to be a safe pilot. I call this “Inner Engine”.