Fogs, Airports, and what really happens


The problem of the presence of fog clouds does not end in the reduced visibility of the pilots handling an aircraft, but it extends to the work of Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs). During a fog, pilots are unable to see the runway and ATCs are unable to see what is happening ON the runway. Fog is a low lying cloud with their water vapour coming from nearby bodies of water that condense on dust, ice and salt to form clouds. When visibility is less than 5 km but greater than 1 km with humidity of at least 70%, this fog would be deemed as ‘mist’ while visibility with humidity of less than 70% is considered as haze.

Methods of Anti icing and Deicing

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | February 28, 2019

Often times, ice builds up on the edges of aircraft surfaces such as the wings, tail and sometimes even in the engines including propellers or fan blades. Icing is the build up of ice on the surface of an aircraft, changing the aerodynamics of the aircraft by increasing drag and reducing lift hence, resulting in an aerodynamic stall which has caused a number of accidents in the past.

Icing, its types and its conditions

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | February 28, 2019

How many types of icing are there? In what conditions do icing occur? It is highly crucial for pilots to know the answers to these questions before flying as it could save a life. Icing is the formation of ice on the surface or within the engine of an aircraft that results in the alteration of speed and hence, requiring greater power to maintain the speed.

How Close Can An Aircraft Get To A Thunderstorm

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | February 28, 2019

How often do you sit in the airport waiting room, awaiting the announcement that you are now allowed to board your plane to find it canceled due to a storm? This is actually pretty common and as annoying as it is, at least you know you are safe from the dangers that awaits you up in those clouds but, what happens when you’re already up in the clouds and the captain puts up the seatbelt sign? Don’t panic, we’re here to let you know that all is well.