Published: May 31, 2019


“There’s a bunch of courses and different licenses in order for me to be able to achieve my dreams of becoming an airline pilot, but I don’t know where to start!”, have you ever had such thoughts before? Do you wish someone would just put out a complete guide of all the courses for you? Well there’s no need to fret, we’ve got that covered right here.

With this guide, we hope that you will be able to understand more of what you are about to face and if this is the right choice for you, which, we are sure it is.

Airline Pilot Integrated Training

The Airline Pilot Integrated Training, or APIT for short, is a program that will literally take you from zero to Commercial Pilot in within 110 days as this program begins all the way from the basics and ends with you having the Private Pilot License (PPL) with Instrument Rating (IR) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Multi Engine Rating (MER) alongside the Jet transition program on a Boeing 737NG or an Airbus A320 familiarization course.

This course is specifically designed for those who are looking to become an executive and serious pilot in a short amount of time compared to the norm of around 10 months or so. The APIT program is a VIP accelerated program that focuses on personal skill development that is done within 110 days, hence, you will not lose touch of your flying skills and the feel of flying.

You may expect to fly around 5-6 hours per day with your own designated aircraft and one dedicated senior instructor that are highly experienced. Although, your aircraft is ready for use for up to 8 hours per day and your senior instructor will be on standby in case you’d like to rake up more flight hours. Since each student is assigned to an aircraft and a senior instructor, you will be able to complete your training in a shorter time as you do not need to share with other students, which saves you waiting time. Along with this, our program is custom made for each student in order to adapt to each student’s needs, therefore, prior to trainings, you will be interviewed in order to customize your course according to your needs.

With 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy’s APIT program, you will be able to get up to 265 hours of flight time compared to 190-200 hours of flight time in traditional schools, all for the same price. Why do you get 265 flight hours with us? Well, this is due to the fact that we aim for you to fulfil the world standard requirement, not just the local regulation, which helps indefinitely during job hunting. Aside from this, we also prepare you for all your examinations thoroughly with the Pass Oral Exam System (POES) designed for your written and oral exam and we have chosen the best Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) and instructors available to help with your check ride examinations.

14 Day Private Pilot

The FAA VIP 14 Day Private Pilot Program consists of 6 hours of training per day, split between flight trainings and classroom time. Each lesson is thoroughly explained to help you fully understand each steps as we are not training you to just pass the Airmen Certification Standard (ACS) requirements, but also to become a proficient and capable private pilot.

Prior to your flight trainings, you will be undergoing, and you are required to pass, your written examinations. Once you have passed and is approved by the TSA to start flying, we will begin preparing you for your first solo flight on the 6th day or earlier if possible. This depends greatly on how safely you land the aircraft and if you understand all the communication procedures that needs to be done. On the 12th day, you will be meeting your Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) to make sure that everything is in place and on the right path for your check ride on the last day, the 14th day. There will be 2 examinations done, the Oral and Practical (flight) exams.

The prerequisites for this program are:
• Medical Third Class or better
• Written Exam completed with a grade of 80% or higher (Minimum 70%)
• Student Pilot Certificate from the FAA
• TSA Approval

10 Day Instrument Rating

The Accelerated 10 Day Instrument Rating (IR) program allows pilots to have the freedom to fly whenever, including night time and reduced vision scenarios such as mildly bad weather conditions. Pilots that only know Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions are unable to fly during such times as they depend solely on their visuals but, without anything in the horizon, VFR pilots won’t know where they are going. With IR, pilots can use both their visuals and the instruments of the aircraft.

For the IR Check Ride, 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy has also prepared a customized POES course that will prepare you for the Instrument Rating examinations. All POES classes can be done either online or in Indonesia. This is especially helpful for those who are unable to attend classes or would like to look back at the lectures as all the materials will be online for you.

We have got a 10-part lesson plan for the IR program that can be fit according to your schedule. You will be mastering aviation weather theories, having a deeper understanding of the Instrument Landing system along with the correlated components, understanding IFR ATC radio telephony and IFR procedures, preparation classes for the exams, mock tests, and many more.

The minimum requirement for you to join this program is that you must have your Private Pilot certificate as this shows that you possess a valid FAA Private Pilot License (PPL) or a foreign based PPL, we are also able to help with validations of PPL issued by foreign countries. You are also required to have a Medical Third Class or better, Visa and TSA Approval, must be at least 17 years old, and be fluent in English.

5 Day Commercial Pilot

Upon completion of the 5 Day Commercial Pilot Program to obtain your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) approved by the FAA, you will be able to charge money for services and you are able to act as pilot in command. This license allows you to find a career in a Commercial Airline company, either domestic or international, charter companies or corporates. In the 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy 5 day CPL program, you will be trained to become a safe and proficient pilot, along with training to pass for your ACS requirement in within 5 days.

You can expect to be able to fly more precisely during this program as you will have to live up to higher sets of standards and your skills will indefinitely be polished. There will also be more regulations once you have earned your Commercial pilot certificate as this license comes with great responsibilities in order to avoid any accidents. Aside from all the seriousness, you will also be learning new maneuvers that you did not learn in PPL, however, this will be of great challenge as you must learn and master it in a short amount of time. Least of all, you will be allowed to fly for hire. You are now able to fly either in airlines or rent your services to fly smaller aircrafts for tourism. Along with this, you are also given the option to obtain the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) license that allows you to become an instructor, as the name says.

The prerequisites for this program is that you must have had 250 flight hours prior to the check ride in order for you to be able to obtain your CPL along with the 300 NM PIC Cross Country flight which will all be done in your trainings. As all the other programs require, you need to have a Medical Third Class or better, Written Exam with a grade of 80% or above, Visa and TSA approval (for foreign students), be at least 18 years of age, and you must be fluent in English.

5 Day Multi Engine Rating

The 5 Day Multi Engine Rating (MER) Program allows you to fly an aircraft with more than one engine. This is crucial for those who are seeking a career as an Airline Pilot. With our program, you will be able to quickly master all that is required for your aviation career. We have got a Beechcraft Duchess Airplane with twin engine that will be used for the Multi Engine Trainings.

The minimum requirement for this program is that you must have either a Private or Commercial Pilot certificate, or both. Foreign based licenses that are not released by the FAA can be converted, all verification processes will be helped by 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy. Aside from this, you are also required to have a Medical Third Class or better, Visa and TSA Approval (for foreign students), and must be fluent in English as well.

CFI/CFII/MEI Accelerated Program

By achieving your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate, you will be allowed to train students, however, you are only allowed to train students on Single Engine Aircrafts. You will also be given the responsibility of letting the FAA know whether a student is able to meet the requirements for a pilot license or not and whether or not the student should take the required exams. This program is offered as a 14 Day Accelerated Program that would help you to teach/train student pilots.

If you’d like to train students on Multi Engine Aircrafts, that is where the Multi Engine Instructor (MEI) Certificate comes in handy while the Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII) is required to do Instrument Rating trainings.

Similar to the other programs available in our academy, the prerequisites for this program is to have a Medical Third Class or better that can be done either in Indonesia or in the USA, a Written Exam with a grade of 80% or higher, CPL certificate, Visa and TSA Approval, and be fluent in English.

In conclusion, with the APIT program, you will be undergoing all the programs except for the CFI/CFII/MEI accelerated program. If you have obtained some of the licenses in other flight academies, that is fine, which is why we provide you the option to do some of the programs in itself. Reach for your dreams to become a pilot, join 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, let us make your dreams come true.


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