How To Save Money During Pilot Training?

Published: July 22, 2022


In most cases, the ground and flight training would have the largest contribution to the high cost of pilot training. Let’s first start with the written and practical exams which would cost $140 to $165 and $350 to $550 respectively. To study for these written exams, the students would need to take ground lessons (which could be taken online or offline) that would usually cost around $250-$500. For offline lessons, the ground training would have you study with your instructor 1-on-1 for $35 to $75 an hour or $1000-$2500 by the end of your training. In 14DAYPILOT, we would follow Part 61 where we will offer 40 flight hours. Knowing that each student would have to pay their airplane rent of $5600 in total or $140 every hour. Though most students fly for more than 40 hours, so the price of the rent would mostly depends on the student’s wants and needs. Finally, student pilots also need to buy proper materials for their flight training such as textbooks, headphones, and many more for around $1000. In conclusion, student pilot training would cost $10000 more or less.


The first way to save money during flight training is to first study on your own. Most of the time, after a day of training, your instructor would tell you to learn about a certain topic as your “homework”. If you end up not following their instruction, you will spend a lot of time the next day learning about your homework topic instead of what the instructor had planned to study with you that day. This way, you will spend more time in ground training and there would be an increase in the ground training fee. Always walk into your next lesson like you are going into a knowledge test, and study everything your instructor has told you to in detail. Other than studying the homework your instructors have given, you can also learn through online learning modules from King School or Sheppard Air Gleim Aviation. Through these online learning modules, you can learn a lot of things and could also receive endorsement for your written tests and practical tests quicker.


With an M-1 Visa, student pilots aren’t allowed to work in America. This would make it hard for international students to reduce their costs. Though, there is a substitute for this option to reduce the costs of your flight training. Instead of working part-time in other places, try offering your flight school for an extra temporary employee. In exchange for your work in your flight school, you could maybe ask for a discount on your flight training costs. Not only can you save money, but you can also build a closer relationship with the staff of your flight schools. Another way to gain the most out of your expenses is to make friends in the industry as a student pilot. Most professional pilots around the world love sharing their experiences as a pilot and could give you really good tips that couldn’t be found anywhere else. This could also be useful since you could have an informal conversation and ask them anything that maybe your instructor didn’t really explain well. Some pilots could also maybe offer you to fly with them. Even though most of them won’t let you use the controls, there are still lots of things you can learn from the way they control the plane and how they communicate with the airports.


So far, all the things mentioned are mostly ground lesson related. To reduce your flight rental fee, you should fly often and adapt to the plane as much as possible. By the end of the day, you would still need to fly a minimum of 40 hours but you could reduce the number of extra hours you need. Flying often would reduce the amount of extra rental fees you would need to pay. Most students that haven’t adapted to the airplane environment that much have to end up paying for an extra 20 hours. That would be an extra $2800, which could be cut if your instructor thinks you are already a good pilot. To be able to adapt to the plane environment quickly, training to fly every day would most likely be the best way to learn. That is why 14DAYPILOT offers accelerated flight training where student pilots would fly 3-5 hours every day for 2 weeks, reducing the chance of the student pilots getting rusty in flying. Other than that, 14DAYPILOT encourages the online ground school to get an endorsement for the written test. Every accelerated flight training school needs to finish written exams before being able to fly. 14DAYPILOT has a lot of training packages that include a lot of bonuses. Therefore, 14DAYPILOT’s costs have been designed to maximize the amount of time and money you have paid to become a good pilot.



Digital Media Specialist Glen Christian joined 14DAYPILOT in 2022 and is an internship staff for 14DAYPILOT. Glen is responsible for 14DAYPILOT’s articles for their website as well as making posts for 14DAYPILOT’s Instagram story. Glen is looking forward to learning a new skill and aviation would be one of them.