How to Be a Captain in Aviation?

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | August 02, 2018

Captain is the most respected tittle for every aviator and that make people keep asking how to be a captain and how long does the career takes to be the captain? Today let me share something about this issue.

Has the reliance on automation lead to deficiency in stick and rudder flying?

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | August 02, 2018

The leading cause of commercial airline accidents is pilot error, even up to now. We are supposedly in the modern era where almost everything can be done through each individual’s smartphone. We have reached a point where technological advances are exceeding the capacity of which our human brain can interpret. Everyday the world is constantly changing and if we do not follow with it then we soon will be obsolete.



Dimas Abyan Tamir, a teenager, Mentari high school student from Jakarta - Indonesia who just turned to 17 years old, got the best birthday gift ever in his life, a FAA Private Pilot license on June 17, 2017. His parent was signed him up to the 14 DAY PRIVATE PILOT Program in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy (USA) during school holiday. Not only become a pilot but he is the youngest Indonesian Pilot who accomplished FAA Private Pilot Training in 14 Days.

Deadful Aeromedical Factor

| 14DAYPILOT | July 17, 2018

Hypoxia means “reduced oxygen” or “not enough oxygen”. Although any tissue will die if deprived of oxygen long enough, usually the most concern is with getting enough oxygen to the brain, since it is particularly vulnerable to oxygen deprivation. Any reduction in mental function while flying can result in life-threatening errors. Hypoxia can be caused by several factors, including an insufficient supply of oxygen, inadequate transportation of oxygen, or the inability of the body tissues to use oxygen. The forms of hypoxia are based on their causes: hypoxic hypoxia, hypemic hypoxia, stagnant hypoxia, and histotoxic hypoxia.