Commercial Pilot License Without Physics

Published: August 01, 2019


Can you become a Commercial Pilot License holder without any background knowledge on physics? As we all know, physics plays a huge part on the aviation world as it explains how things fly, what materials to use, pistons, and so much more. Basically, everything we encounter on a day to day basis involves physics.

Whether you are typing, walking, jumping, dancing, driving, flying, anything that you are doing involves physics and really, everything stems from physics. It’s that important! Without physics, we cannot advance further in this life and our technology will not improve as much as it is right now! So, can you actually become a Commercial Pilot License holder without any background knowledge on physics? Let’s find out!

When you are looking to become a pilot, don’t expect that it’ll come easily for you. No matter what, you will need to learn physics. So if you were trying to escape physics for good, then maybe you’ll just have to really endure it this time. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a secret love for physics after enduring it for so long, I know I did!

Let’s give an example of an important physics topic. One thing you need to know about flying is how an aircraft is able to fly. This can be explained through aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is the study of forces and motion of objects through air. Anything that flies or is moving through the air - such as airplanes, rockets, and birds- are all affected by aerodynamics. Through aerodynamics, we are able to measure the amount of lift force and drag force that is acting on an object moving through air.

There are 4 forces of flight that you will learn in aerodynamics which are the force of lift, drag, weight, and thrust. Lift is, well as the namesake says, produces lift on the aircraft. Drag is more of a resistive force against the direction of motion of the aircraft. Thrust is the force that pushes the aircraft forward in the direction it is moving on while weight is the force of gravity acting on the aircraft.

commercial pilot license without physics

commercial pilot license without physics

Through aerodynamics, you will learn about the Bernoulli principle, how fluid dynamics relates to the aviation world, how lift is produced, and so many more! Through the Bernoulli principle, you will understand why air speeds up in narrower areas and slows down in wider areas. Much like water flowing down a river! That’s because air acts like water.

Aside from all of this, you will be also learning about wingtip vortices, the different types of wings, the different drag forces, and the effects of all these forces on an aircraft’s ability to fly. Does this all sound intimidating to you? Fortunately, it isn’t impossible for you to complete your Commercial Pilot License or even your Private Pilot License without any physics, or any science for that matter, or maths background.

Of course, this would mean that you would have to work much harder than your mates that’s gone through science during their time in high school, university, or just any background on science. They will of course be more advanced and would catch on to the subject faster, but don’t let this get you down!

Think of it as if you are learning something new while they are learning something they’ve learnt before. In fact, isn’t that the whole point of going to school, to learn something new? Going to a flight academy is going to school, so technically, you’re making your money go further!

Besides, you will be learning all of this during your trainings. In 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, you can build your own course and syllabus to suit your needs accordingly. In other flight academies, or traditional flight academies, you will be required to learn all things physics, while in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, you will only be learning what is required. So, don’t worry if you don’t like learning about electricity and all sorts, we won’t be diving into that.

In traditional flight schools, you will be required to pass physics in your high school and have a minimum requirement of it for you to even be eligible to enroll. In 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, we have no such requirements!

commercial pilot license without physics

commercial pilot license without physics

With our Pass Oral Exam System program, or POES for short, you will be able to learn all that you missed and study tirelessly in order to pass your written and oral examinations that will be done in the USA prior to your flight trainings.

What is the Pass Oral Exam System, you may ask? The Pass Oral Exam System was specifically designed to guide our students to pass their Oral and Written examinations with flying colours. POES is the preparation class that students undergo before beginning with their flight training in our Van Nuys Training Center that includes flight simulation trainings and mock exams along with secret tips that would guarantee you a 100% passing rate on all your check rides. It can either be done online or in Indonesia, whichever suits you the most. We are proud to say that this system has proven to be successful with all our students.

With subjects varying with 10-18 units, students are able to choose the units according to their needs. The preparation course will simulate your pilot license program as if you are undergoing the training itself, before you begin your flight training. The POES program will act as a bridge between the time you arrive in USA and when you undergo your final check-ride for your pilot license as the POES program allows you to adjust to your new environment.

We know that flight trainings are difficult, not to mention all the complex procedures, the brief conversations with the ATC, all of these may be a little to intimidating for first timers. It is our job to prepare you for such situations which is why we created POES. Through this program, you will be prepared for your check-ride on the beginning of your flight training, way before your actual check-ride! So, don’t worry if you feel inferior or you feel as if you cannot do it. 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy is dedicated to helping you grow into a wonderful pilot and to make your dreams come true.


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