Youtube Channel with Commercial Pilot Training

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | October 08, 2019

Is there a youtube channel that gives an insight on commercial pilot trainings and things related to the aviation world? Yes, there is!

Secondary Flight Control Surfaces and Engine Types

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | October 08, 2019

What are secondary flight control surfaces? How many engine types are there? Flight control surfaces are devices that allows a pilot to adjust and control the aircraft’s altitude by using aerodynamics. Main control surfaces include ailerons, rudders, and elevators.

What Are Flight Control Surfaces?

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | October 08, 2019

What are flight control surfaces and what is their importance on an aircraft? As a student pilot, it is our duty to continuously study about aircrafts and its parts in order to understand what each of its parts are used for. This would help you become a better pilot! Therefore, let’s jump right in!

Emergency Landings and why they occur

PILOT KNOWLEDGE | 14DAYPILOT | September 21, 2019

Is your plane undergoing an emergency landing, but you don’t understand why? Who wouldn’t panic when your pilot announces that your airplane will be undergoing an emergency landing? Here are a few reasons for emergency landings!