Athira’s FAA Commercial Pilot License Achievement

Checkride Preparation | Admin | November 13, 2019

10 November2019, the day that Athira Farina Putri would probably never forget! After a long journey, she finally got her FAA license after all the hard work and all the ups and downs throughout her training. Previously, she has got her Instrument Rating, and within just 2 weeks she made it to Commercial Pilot. This is a rare thing knowing that she went on with 2 checkrides within just 2 weeks. In this checkride, she had Dennis Gregory Magdaleno as her DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner), the same DPE as when she got her Instrument Rating.

The Dramatic Journey of Athira’s Instrument Rating Course

Checkride Preparation | Admin | November 13, 2019

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”, a commonly heard phrase that I am sure all of you are familiar with describes the Athira’s journey towards the completion of her Instrument Rating course perfectly. I am sure you are all wondering “Who is Athira?”, and “Why does that phrase describe her journey perfectly?”. Well, you’re about to find out!

14DAYPILOT Flight Academy Expo 2019 - Women in Aviation International together with the FAA

Fun Event | Admin | October 09, 2019

Last saturday, 14DAYPILOT had an opportunity to be invited to the event of “Girls In Aviation Day” which is held by Women in Aviation International and WoW OC CHAPTER (Wings of The West OC CHAPTER).

Youtube Channel with Commercial Pilot Training

Pilot Knowledge | Admin | October 08, 2019

Is there a youtube channel that gives an insight on commercial pilot trainings and things related to the aviation world? Yes, there is!