Accelerated Instrument Rating program done in 10 days!

Published: August 14, 2019


On your accelerated journey to become the best Commercial Pilot License - Instrument Rating pilot that has ever existed, you must first begin with nothing. This means that you must first begin your Private Pilot License flight training and graduate with a Private Pilot License before moving on to the next level, which is the Instrument Rating program.

What is 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy’s Instrument Rating program?

The Accelerated 10 Day Instrument Rating program allows pilots to have the freedom to fly whenever, including night time and reduced vision scenarios such as mildly bad weather conditions. Pilots that only know Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions are unable to fly during such times as they depend solely on their visuals but, without anything in the horizon, VFR pilots won’t know where they are going. With Instrument Rating, pilots can use both their visuals and the instruments of the aircraft.

Accelerated Instrument Rating

These mildly bad weather conditions include thunderstorms, thick or moderately thick fogs, rain, high cloud coverage, and many other conditions. VFR pilots are not allowed to fly during these situations as they would not be able to see the horizon and would not be able to get much help from the Air Traffic Controller as well, which is very crucial when entering airspaces as you would not know if you are in the path of another aircraft.

For the Instrument Rating Check Ride, 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy has also prepared a customized Pass Oral Exam System course that will prepare you for all of the Instrument Rating examinations. All POES classes can be done either online or in Indonesia during your ground school trainings and before your accelerated flight training begins.

This is especially helpful for those who are unable to attend classes or would like to look back at the lectures as all the materials will be online for you. Ground schools are a great way to prepare yourself and adjust yourself to your new environment and your new syllabus before you begin with your accelerated flight trainings in any pilot school as you will be much more prepared when you arrive in our flight school’s campus in Van Nuys, California, to begin your accelerated flight trainings.

Accelerated Instrument Rating

We have got a 10-part lesson plan for the accelerated Instrument Rating program that can fit according to your schedule. You will be mastering aviation weather theories, having a deeper understanding of the Instrument Landing system along with the correlated components, understanding IFR ATC radio telephony and IFR procedures, preparation classes for the exams, mock tests, and many more.

What are the requirements?

One of the things that will be required of you will, of course, be the Private Pilot License that you must be holding prior to your Instrument Rating accelerated flight trainings. Why is that, you may ask? Well the Private Pilot License acts as a stepping stool to get you towards CPL-IR, without Private Pilot License, you will not be allowed to fly any aircraft on your own and, hence, cannot advance! For those who have a PPL issued by a foreign county, 14DAYPILOT can help with the validation process.

You are also required to have a Medical Third Class or better, which could be done either in Indonesia or the USA, along with the Visa and TSA Approval. You must also be at least 17 years old as the FAA does not allow those younger than 17 years of age to hold a Private Pilot License. Last, but not least, you must be fluent in English in order to prevent any miscommunications from occurring during your ground training and accelerated flight trainings.

What is the benefits of the Accelerated Instrument Rating program?

Firstly, let’s talk about what the benefits of Instrument Rating are. With Instrument Rating, you will be able to fly higher and further as you will be given the authority to enter the Class A airspace along with the knowledge on some airport’s specific Departure Procedure (DPs) and Arrivals (STARs) that all pilots are expected to follow. Through the achievement of your Instrument Rating, you will also be allowed to fly into busier and bigger airports while flying with instrument approaches.

Accelerated Instrument Rating

Undoubtedly, you will be flying safer in low visibility scenarios, especially when you are flying into clouds. With VFR, there are cloud clearances that you need to follow, but as an Instrument Rating pilot, you will be allowed to enter a cloud in emergency situations and fly safely with the help of your instruments. Besides, machines makes less errors than humans!

So, what are the benefits of the Accelerated Instrument Rating program and why should we take it with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy? As this is an accelerated flight and ground training program, you can expect your trainings to be done in less than half the time it takes to complete your program if you were to join a traditional ground and flight pilot school.

With 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, you can expect to fly around 5-6 hours per day with your own designated aircraft and one dedicated senior instructor that are highly experienced. Since each student is assigned to an aircraft and a senior instructor, you will be able to complete your training in a shorter time as you do not need to share with other students, which saves you waiting time. Along with this, our aviation course is custom made for each student in order to adapt to each student’s needs, therefore, prior to trainings, you will be interviewed in order to customise your course according to your needs.

Accelerated Instrument Rating

Why spend months and tons of frustration on your Instrument Rating training due to lack of attention and too much spare time in traditional pilot schools when you can complete your program in 10 days and get all the attention of one senior instructor? There are so many cases where a student pilot has spent way too much money on a traditional pilot school just to have them force you to wait your turn on an aircraft, giving you too much spare time that you could have used for trainings!

No, completing the program within 10 days isn’t impossible. A student of ours, Mr. Massimiliano Critelli, was a 48 year old Chief Assistant of the Italian Penitentiary Police with no extra time in his hands, but really wanted to gain his Instrument Rating. With hard work and determination, anything is possible! 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy and Mr. Massimiliano worked together tirelessly, it was all worth it in the end. Join 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy now, be likes Mr. Massimiliano and chase your dreams.


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