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Heen Weng Soon


Many thanks for sharing your good teaching and flying tips for DPE exams, I learnt a lot from you and surely helps tremendously for FAA Instrument Rating exams. Also great instrument flying time with you as teacher for more than 150 miles, to help me continue familiar with Instrument Rating Flying, hand fly to keep current until back to USA for lessons. I am happy to testify 14DAYPILOT to aviation enthusiasm based on what I had.

Pawan Nandwani


Hello my name is Roshan, I’m from Jakarta.

Talking about 14DayPilot Program, I found this course online and here I am in Senai Airport, Johor Baru. I just in a preflight on a Piper Warrior II and we did our discovery flight as well this now.

So far so good all as well and looking for the best future! Cheers!