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Heen Weng Soon


Many thanks for sharing your good teaching and flying tips for DPE exams, I learnt a lot from you and surely helps tremendously for FAA Instrument Rating exams. Also great instrument flying time with you as teacher for more than 150 miles, to help me continue familiar with Instrument Rating Flying, hand fly to keep current until back to USA for lessons. I am happy to testify 14DAYPILOT to aviation enthusiasm based on what I had.

Edward Stewart


I am Edward Stewart. Today 31 July 2017, I have passed my Private Pilot Checkride in Van Nuys, California with 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy in their 10 DAY PRIVATE PILOT FINISH UP COURSE Accelerated flight training program. Since this is my long life ambition of mine as long as I can remember and today was my biggest accomplishment of that.

I would say that the accelerated flight training is the best way to become a Pilot. I was with another flight school for much longer period of time and made no any progress. So Then I came to 14DAYPILOT Flight Training for their 10 DAY course Private Pilot program including the prep-course and the flight training. I found this is very enjoyable and this was the most challenging experience of my entire life.

The obstacle I have to overcome is not just a personal obstacle to making time for a dedication to the intensive training but also to understanding and learning intensively on the flight principle.

The best thing is I have one on one dedicated instructor and airplane which totally helped me to pass the checkride. The senior flight instructor was put a great focus to train all the required maneuvers and the other skills. Nothing like this flight academy with a great service

I totally recommend 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy to make you a pilot. Just call them for complete information about the accelerated flight training and they will more than happy to guide you.

My next plan is taking an instrument rating and commercial pilot certificate with 14DAYPILOT. I really enjoyed to work with everyone in this flight academy and this is definitely the best place to do my flight training.

Edward Stewart