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Heen Weng Soon


Many thanks for sharing your good teaching and flying tips for DPE exams, I learnt a lot from you and surely helps tremendously for FAA Instrument Rating exams. Also great instrument flying time with you as teacher for more than 150 miles, to help me continue familiar with Instrument Rating Flying, hand fly to keep current until back to USA for lessons. I am happy to testify 14DAYPILOT to aviation enthusiasm based on what I had.

Dimas Abyan Tamir


Hi guys, my name is Dimas Abyan Tamir, 17 Years Old, high school student from Indonesia. My parent gave me a special birthday present, a private pilot training in USA during school holiday. I believe that this is a great idea to become a pilot in my age, it is so rare and impossible for Indonesian people. Most of flying school requires the applicant to at least a high school graduates. However, 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy could smoothly accept and train me to get my private pilot license.

I joined the FAA 14 DAY PRIVATE PILOT PROGRAM by 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy in June 2017. Previously, I was attended an intensive prepcourse program in Jakarta, Indonesia for 2 weeks and it helped me a lot to pass my written and oral exam

Become a pilot in 2 weeks like me, its not easy though. The secret to make it happens is a full commitment, hard work, and you must up to speed to learn all knowledge and skill based on the FAA Airman Certification Standard. Everyday I start at 8 am and finish my training at 5 to 7 pm. Flying 3-4 hours a day and continued by self study at home. The night flying part was so beautiful. Flying above Los Angeles sky and enjoy the night light from 4,500 feet, I was so happy.

I can never believe that today I am a Pilot while my school mates still on their dream to become a pilot. 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy made this possible. Again, It is really a hard work and need full commitment. I study very hard from morning to midnight but overall, it’s all worth to do. This is my best birthday gift ever! Thank you Capt Gema and Capt Gilbert for your great work and make me a pilot in just 14 Days.

IF you are looking for a flight academy, I strongly recommend 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy. You will have amazing flight training experience!

Thank you 14DAYPILOT!