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Heen Weng Soon


Many thanks for sharing your good teaching and flying tips for DPE exams, I learnt a lot from you and surely helps tremendously for FAA Instrument Rating exams. Also great instrument flying time with you as teacher for more than 150 miles, to help me continue familiar with Instrument Rating Flying, hand fly to keep current until back to USA for lessons. I am happy to testify 14DAYPILOT to aviation enthusiasm based on what I had.

Agung Adhiguna Raharjo


Hello my name is Agung Adhiguna Raharjo from Bali, Indonesia. I enjoy flying from I was kids and I think all people also liked it. Hobby in aviation introduced me the flight simulator and active play for 10 years.

Until sometime ago I discovered a 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy’s ad, which made me very interested because it offers luxury and acceleration education programs. As an entrepreneur desperately I need it because of the lack of time to leave my work.

Finally, I came to 14DayPilot and given me a lot of flexible programs, then I decided to go to Van Nuys for study at 14DayPilot.

In Van Nuys I enjoyed an incredible learning experience guided by the Flight senior instructor who has a flying hours over 8000 and was very patient in giving the lesson. 14DayPilot instructor provides very pleasant flying experience and fear that I had previously with easy forgotten.

I fly a Cessna 172 in a special program designed for me “Land of The Cessna 172 in 3 Days Discovery Flight”. I learned the procedure taxi, take off, private pilot maneuvers, and landing, starts from Flying tour around the Hollywood and Los Angeles Down Town, then headed to Camarillo and Santa Barbara.

Through this program, I’m motivated to continue the another 14 Day Private Pilot program. 14DayPilot provides very good service, professional and especially they’re really care.

I highly recommend 14DayPilot for all aviation lovers who want to get pilot license is good for hobby or career. You are in a good hand!