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Fast Track Flight Training Program

We offer BEST and a luxurious service of Instrument flight training. You will enjoy our training and the senior instructor gives their 101% focus on you for the whole day. Start in the morning, have a wonderful lunch, fly again, and going home after 4-5 hours flight.


Start From

US$ 12,400



Duration – 10 Day In normal circumstances

  • Complimentary FAA Handbook in digital format
  • Complimentary FAA Approach Plate
  • Dedicate Airplane for you till finish
  • Luxury intensive one on one NEW training method
  • Fly 5 Hours a Day to build your skill faster


14DAYPILOT requires a US$2,000 payment to reserve your class date. Remaining payment is due upon arrival for training. We accept wire bank transfer and cash for the payment. There are three kind of payments:

  1. School and instructor fees 14 day before the training;
  2. Airplane Rental fees that will be paid per 10 hours blocking time;
  3. Administration fee directly to the FAA, TSA, and Examiner for the check ride.


Our main training location based in Van Nuys Airport (KVNY) California. This is a legendary airport in South California as seen on “One Six Right” movie. Students will get a lot benefit to be trained in one of the most busiest general aviation airport in the world. Many hollywood celebrity, politicicans and conglomerates put their private jet in this aiport.

There are two runways in this aiport and the ATC provides complete services start from clearance delivery, ground, and tower. Our lovely hangar with Rotor FX will make your training comfortable. Enjoy chips and coffee with full internet access.


We have some good friends who allow our pilot to stay with their family in very decent house around Van Nuys Airport area. The average rent price vary between USD55 to 70 per night. You will have a personal room, clean bathroom, and kitchen. This will make your stay very comfortable. At the other hand, the temperature in Los Angeles area is friendly around 13 to 21-degree C.


  • The training must be booked 2-3 months ahead and we will match your requested date with instructor availability.
  • The airplane could be booked online in our membership area.


  • Current FAA Private Pilot Certificate
  • English Proficient
  • Valid Instrument Rating Written Exam
  • 50 Hours Cross Country PIC on Check Ride
  • 40 Hours training in Instrument rating area on the check ride day

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • The training will begin after school fee payment completion
  • The flight training will be conducted in 10 Days. Should you fail in the check ride and need more flight instructions, our instructor will make a corrective action training per hour basis which is around USD60-65/ hour. You might need only 2-3 hours to solve the weakness.
  • In abnormal circumstances such as natural calamities, bad weather, the flight training might be switch to full ground instruction. If you have some illness and caused the training is postponed, then we will replace the training day.
  • All payment could not be refunded.


Every candidates will require to get their TSA approval prior to start the training with USD130 application fee directly paid to TSA through a credit card payment.. You need to apply the TSA and we will guide you to fill all the documentation. Provide your passport, airmen certificate (For additional training), and full personal data. TSA will review your application and approve it within 7 to 14 days. You’ll get their notification through email.



Start from US$ 12,400 *

*Discounted crew price when you bring a training partner enrolled in the same program. Written exam, TSA and optional preparation class are excluded.


Certain unexpected delays beyond anyone’s control (Wx, Mx etc) can increase the course duration slightly. It is always recommended to plan for 17 days to incorporate any unforeseen delays.


  • At the very beginning candidate will apply the TSA approval for the training. We will guide you for this stage.
  • FAA Written Exam must be completed with minimum 80% score (FAA minimum 70%) before start the flight training.
  • The flight training will be conducted every day for up to 8 hours daily combining between ground and flight instruction. Our senior instructor will make you ready for a final check ride according to the FAR 61.65 regulations.
  • The airplane is dedicated for you until end of the course.
  • The Oral Exam will be held by chosen Designated Pilot Examiner.
  • The Check ride will be conducted in the 10th or 11th day when all the requirements are completed.


2016 Class Dates

  • August 10
  • August 23
  • August 30
  • September 7
  • September 21


The flight training time is flexible depend on your request. We could start on 8 am or 12pm.



In just 5 Day you will be ready to be an airliner. With the commercial pilot license, you could build a great career in aviation and fly around the world as a pilot in command. You will get a dedicated one on one flight training until you pass the exam. You will win the competition for the pilot career!


Fly big jet like A380 or Boeing Dream Liner is everyone’s dream. This program is the first step to fly the big bird and your senior instructor will prepare you to be a great airliner in just 5 day. You will win the competition for the pilot career!

Preparation Course

Its only US$ 235 Per Part

The 10 Day Instrument Rating program is the hardest part of flight training. The candidate must have a great preparation and consistency. Therefore, we provide a preparation class that cover the whole material and make you familiar with all training aspect before jump into the real training.

This is an optional program but helps many pilot to pass their written, oral, and check ride with high score and a merit result. At the end, they will save more money with his program.

Discover 10 parts of our preparation course syllabus.

BONUS: RED BIRD Flight Simulator Training for 4 Hours

Preparation Course Syllabus

  • PART 1
    Basic instrument flying and IFR radio telephony
  • PART 2
    Written Exam Prep: Weather, Weather Service, Flight Instruments
  • PART 3
    Written Exam Prep: Navigation, Regulations and Procedures, Departure
  • PART 4
    Written Exam Prep: En Route, Arrival and Approach
  • PART 5
    Oral Exam Prep: Flight Planning, Icing, Procedures and Instrument Approach
  • PART 6
    Oral Exam Prep: IFR Chart and Approach Plate Reading
  • PART 7
    Oral Exam Prep: Regulation and Procedures and Instrument Approach
  • PART 8
    Check Ride Prep: ILS and VOR Tracking, En Route Flying, Calculation
  • PART 9
    Check Ride Prep: Missed Approach, Holding, Procedure Turn, DME Arc, Partial Panel, Flight
  • PART 10

Optional: This is very useful to get you ready to pass the written exam with high score and make the oral exam easier.