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In regards to all the success achieved, it still does not stop the willingness and passion of the President and Founder of Astronacci International, Mr. Gema Merdeka Goeyardi in chasing his dream which is running his own business in the aviation industry.

His dream of being a pilot started ever since he was 3 years old, his passion and willingness to learn allowed him to keep striving in making his vision into reality. After 11 years of learning by himself through the use of aviation books and senior pilots that he’s well acquainted with, he keeps on improving his knowledge of the aviation industry.

In 2016, he finally managed to start his own aviation business in the United States. The company he started is called 14DAYPILOT FLIGHT ACADEMY, LLC, which focuses on accelerated flight training programs, which is still very niche in the aviation industry. Other than the flight school, ASTRONACCI AVIATION, LLC also does business in the Business Jet and General Aviation sector. 14DayPilot offers Sky Club membership for its members, which consists of people from all over the world including USA, Singapore, and Indonesia. This type of business is very different compared to the traditional flight school in Indonesia, because our members are allowed to conduct/take joy flights with their families and friends.

In June 1 st 2016, Mr. Gema achieved a MURI record for “The Fastest Accomplishment of FAA Private Pilot License and Instrument Rating Certificate Achieved by Indonesian Pilot (24days)”, where he achieved his Private Pilot License (PPL) in 14 days and Instrument Rating (IR) in 10 days. During training he studied 10 hours every day and flew 4-5 hours/day, all that hard work resulted in Knowledge Test results of; 93% for Private Pilot License, 83% for Instrument Rating, and 94% for Commercial Pilot License. He also holds a Type Rating for the CE500 Cessna Citation V Jet, which he achieved in just 3 days. Not only that, he also owns his own CE500 Cessna Citation Jet. Getting a Jet Rating in 3 days is considered an amazing accomplishment, but not impossible to do. Even though in Indonesia it is considered uncommon, Mr. Gema wants to prove that it can be done and prove just how serious he is in doing business in the aviation industry, now that he is a certified FAA Commercial Pilot.

He explained that everything he has achieved right now does not differ from what he has learned from the stock market, where “we can make money from financial market”. The profits he has earned from the stock market is used as the source to finance and develop his business, just like companies that go public.

Learning from John F Kennedy, even though he expands his business in another place or country, he still wants to be recognized as a well-known citizen of his country that brings beneficial change to his own country.

We hope this story can inspire your business career, and/or even your life. We wish you all the success!