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14DAYPILOT Flight Academy is a Flight Training program a luxurious service and fast track method in United States. You are the captain in just 14 Day!

Thank you for your interest in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, the industry leader for accelerated flight training in the world. Our program is tailored for the executive and serious pilot who wants to achieve his or her rating in a short days, not over 10 months like many other traditional flying school. Our Instructors are 100% dedicated for you, its very flexible on the course schedule whether if you want to start at 5:00 am or 12:00 pm whichever you convenience for that particular day.


Since 2005 Pilot demand in Asia is increasing significantly while pilot supplies can’t serve the explosive demand. The pilot supplies are now in shortage condition due to very long pilot training. Therefore, 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy by Astronacci Aviation, LLC starts a FAST TRACK Flight Training program for airplane and helicopter to create a highly professional FAA approved (Federal Aviation Administration) pilot starts in just 14 Day for Private Pilot, 10 Day Instrument Rating, 5 Day Commercial Pilot, and only 100 Day for Airline Career Program from PPL to CPL IR. This is will be the fastest pilot education in the world.

This is a program which really focus on personal skill development. Also, the fast track programs work because they rapidly boost the skills learned during the flight training. Student will continuously learn without any gap that could make them forget about the feeling and flying skill.

The 6 Incredible Differences with Other Traditional Flying School

  • Private Course based on 1:1 and exclusive service. We don’t serve a mass product training; this is a luxury training concept. You have senior instructor who only focus on your training during the course period. No other student involves.
  • Dedicated Airplane and very low downtime. You will not share with other student like many other school with 1:5 ratios (One airplane for 5 students). Here, 1 airplane is dedicated for you.
  • Fly Everyday 5 to 7 hours or as much as you want. Since you have booked the airplane for the rest of the training, you can fly anytime you want from Monday to Sunday without any off time except for a medical reason. Our senior instructor ready to guide you every day up to 8 hours daily.
  • Prepare for your DPE Standard is the best way to get your license in just a few days. You will ready to fulfill all PTS according to the designated pilot examiner standard. We have chosen the best DPE and instructor to help you to pass the check ride. It is not a random game.
  • Flexible flight training syllabus will help you to reduce your training time significantly. You can’t train a crosswind take off without the wind, so our instructor will move to other subject instead of break the training like the traditional flying school.
  • Get 250-270 Hours Flight Time not 190-200 hours with same price like the traditional school. We give you more flying hours to fulfill the world standard requirement not only just local regulation.


We proudly present the highest achievement as a success evidence and an inspiration to all pilots, a MURI Award of the world record by Capt. DR.Gema Merdeka Goeyardi,MM,CAT,CFTe,CWM,CSA,CTA. In June 2016, MURI (World Record Indonesia) gave a special award and recognition for “THE FASTEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF FAA PRIVATE PILOT AND INSTRUMENT RATING BY THE INDONESIAN PILOT (24 DAY)” . He is the first Indonesian Pilot who did the fastest flight training and get his Private Pilot Certificate and the instrument rating in 24 Calendar Day while the average pilot need 5-6 months. Also, he completed his commercial in 100 day with 94% score in his FAA examination result. We really happy to share his success story and secrets for all students in every program.



At the other hand, we believe the type rating is very important for airline career which is so many airlines will only accept a pilot with jet type rating. This is the new business environment gap in aviation industry. Therefore, we provide a Fast Track type rating for Boeing 737NG and Airbus A320 and Citation Jet V with very affordable price in just 5 to 21 Day.

There is no longer dream, but today you will be a real pilot in just very short time!

See you in the air