Accelerated Flight Training & Instrument Rating
Get your FAA Private Pilot in 14 Days & Instrument Rating in 10 Days

Private Course

based on 1:1 and exclusive service. You have senior instructor who only focus on your training during the course period.

Dedicated and GREAT Maintenance airplane

You will not share with other student like many other school with 1:5 ratios (One airplane for 5 students). Here, 1 airplane is dedicated for you. The most important thing is our airplanes are checkride ready.

Fly Everyday 3 to 5 hours

or as much as you want. Since you have booked the airplane for the rest of the training, you can fly anytime you want from Monday to Sunday without any off time except for a medical reason. Our senior instructor ready to guide you every day up to 6 hours daily.

Prepare for your DPE Standard

is the best way to get your license in just a few days. You will ready to fulfill all check ride standard according to the designated pilot examiner evaluation. We have chosen the best DPE and instructor to help you to pass the check ride. It is not a random game.

Flexible flight training syllabus

will help you to reduce your training time significantly. You can’t train a crosswind take off without the wind, so our instructor will move to other subject instead of break the training like the traditional flying school.

14DAYPILOT Flight Academy is the industry leader for accelerated flight training in the U.S. today. Our program is designed for the executive and serious pilot who wants to achieve his or her rating in a few short days, not over several months.

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You Can Become A Pilot As Little As 14 Days »

Imagine the feeling when you have a privilege of PRIVATE flight training who only focus on you personally every day. Fast Track, No big classes, No Group, but private and dedicated instructor and airplane for you. Yes this what We offer, a luxury accelerated flight training for those aspiring to be a pilot. Whether you are looking to become a pilot for your own pleasure or build a career in aviation we are here to guide you through your aviation journey in a luxury way. Your flight training journey is the fastest in the world, its GUARANTEED!
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Pilots prioritize safety through meticulous flight planning that considers weather, terrain, and routing. While summer offers ideal weather in Los Angeles for flight training, understanding density altitude, a major aviation hazard caused by hot temperatures and high elevations, remains crucial. Imagine planning a camping trip from LA to Lake Tahoe by renting a plane from Van Nuys. To ensure a safe take-off at maximum weight due to your friends and camping gears, understanding density altitude is a must. Density altitude is a critical parameter used in aviation to assess aircraft performance.

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